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Fabra Consulting is specialised in the geographical expansion of business operations to industrialising countries.

Oftentimes, sourcing of components made-to-order is the first step of geographical expansion to industrialising, low-cost countries. We can help you to analyse your purchases and propose promising countries for sourcing. Further we can help you to set-up a local purchasing office in a low-cost country for supplier supervision. Our sourcing background is in the mechanical industries.

If you plan to start a production, installation or sales operation in an industrialising country, we can discuss and share experience from similar cases or review your plan critically and constructively.

Alternatively, we are happy to work together with your team on a concrete case in preparing
  • feasibility study;
  • investment proposal for a green field project or for an acquisition;
  • operational due diligence;
  • investment plan and cash flow projection and
  • project plan including communication plan to internal and external stakeholders.

In case you need a manager midst the action, we might be able to locate for you an experienced member to the integration team ofa new company to be acquired or an interim project/ site manager.

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